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Office Plants, Plant Rentals, Plant Maintenance

Kim Parker Plants, Inc., a CA corporation started in 1980 in San Jose CA, provides natural "companionship" in an otherwise sterile space.

Our plant rentals, plant sales and plant maintenance guarantees the best design, plants and services at competitive rates supported by superior customer service and technical expertise.  


Further, we decided to revolutionize the industry by taking a stand against weekly watering schedules; we are the originator of and leader in self-watering, plumbing-free, interior irrigation methods "reducing our carbon footprint by 30-50%".   Click below for more information.

  Think you can find a better plant company? Don't plant on it...




"After working with Kim Parker and staff for so many years, we've come to realize that lush, healthy plants are not merely attractive accessories but integral partners in our goal to keep our people healthy and happy while working in a fast-paced environment." 

-Jim Goddard, Executive VP & GM, SAP Center San Jose

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