Self-Watering and Sub-Irrigation Pot Systems

Water is precious.

All self-watering systems use a reservoir contained within the pot to store water making it available to the plant "at will".  The plant draws water from the reservoir using a wick or vacuum release process.  These systems are plumbing free.

Our NoSweat!™ waterproof, vinyl liners are flexible/pliable and will fit any pot or planter any size.

And, of course, eliminate water damage and the costs resulting from it. 

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Self Water Containers
Free Standing - Self Watering Pot
Decorative Pot
Self Watering Pot Tapered with Crotons
Free Standing Self Watering Pots
Classico Watering System
For Decorative Pots
Molded NoSweat!™ Liners
Soil-Wick Sub-Irrigation
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