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Office plant rentals, office plant purchases

Office Plant Services

​We were the first to initiate new, SELF-WATERING from our very beginning to reduce our carbon-footprint by reducing our service intervals from the weekly standard to every 14-20 days.   Additional benefits soon proved to include healthier plants and scheduling flexibility – especially important to our working-mothers staff.

Our Technical Team is highly trained to provide quiet, competent and complete plant care; all you'll notice is the beautiful indoor plants.​​


worker watering plants in office


Guaranteed plant maintenance service means that we will replace any sickly or unsightly plant under our care. 

worker installing plants in office

Our Plant Services consist of:

  • Custom plant designs for indoor office / corporate settings

  • Plant sales, Plant rentals and Plant maintenance

  • Gift and promotional plants: The gift that keeps on LIVING!

  • LiveArt and ExecArt arrangements available for Purchase or Rental

  • Holiday plant designs

  • Short-term plant rentals available for special occasions and events

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