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Benefits of Live Plants in The Office

Three coworkers working together, with plants on the table and in the background

When it comes to bringing natural elements into the office, many people buy a few artificial plants and call it a day. However, natural-looking artificial plants can cost a pretty penny – which means that not only are people spending almost the same amount that they would on real plants, but they also miss out on all of the amazing health benefits of real plants.

Whether you bring in a tabletop shrub, a colorful orchid display, or a moss wall, live plants add a unique aesthetic appeal that artificial plants just can't replicate. However, their benefits go far beyond their appearance – below, we'll review a few more benefits live plants can bring to your office.

Fresh Air and Peaceful Surroundings

One of the undeniable benefits of live plants is their ability to purify the air, giving  you cleaner and fresher air to breathe. This enhancement of air quality is complemented by the calming presence of greenery, promoting a more focused and relaxed mindset.

In addition to cleaner air, some plants, such as our preserved moss walls, can even act as sound-dampening devices to create a more peaceful atmosphere in your office! These innovative solutions not only uplift the aesthetics but also contribute to a reduction in ambient noise, fostering a serene and productive work environment.

Your Stress-Busting Companions

Technology is an essential part of any office’s daily work. But studies have found that frequent use of screens actually disrupts your circadian rhythm, leading to everything from daytime fatigue, decreased alertness, and memory issues.  Believe it or not, plants can help! Plants offer a vibrant reprieve from the screen, and even better, studies have shown that biophilic design (the use of building and interior design, including plants, to promote connectivity with nature) promotes a positive well-being and a regulated circadian rhythm, meaning happier employees and increased productivity.

Interested in other ways to boost your office's productivity? Discover the best office plants for productivity.

Hassle-Free Office Plants

If you're thinking, "All this sounds great, but who's going to take care of these plants?" Don't worry; we've got you covered. At Kim Parker Plants, we have a wide range of low-maintenance office plants and professional maintenance options to go with our plant services, so you can enjoy your refreshed and vibrant space and let our horticultural technicians handle the rest.

By switching from artificial to live plants, you're doing more than just upgrading your office decor; you're enhancing air quality, reducing stress, and fostering a healthier work environment. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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