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Benefits of Renting Plants for Special Events

When you have a special event, such as an office opening, banquet, or industry night, it's important to ensure your space is well decorated. However, if you're putting on the event, you likely have a seemingly endless to-do list, and the last thing you need to worry about is buying, hanging, setting up, and cleaning up decorations. This to-do list can become increasingly stressful, impacting the ability to enjoy the event. When it comes to decorating and alleviating stress (literally), one method reigns supreme: renting plants. Below, we'll explore a few of the benefits that come with renting plants for your special event!

Eco-Friendly and Stress-Free

When decorating for an event, it's easy to fall into the usual purchases- streamers, confetti, and balloons. And while they look nice, they aren't exactly the best for the environment (or your wallet). Additionally, picking out, ordering, picking up, and setting up the decorations can add up to be quite a few hours. Which, on the day of the event, can add more stress and pressure. Renting plants for your event is a more eco-friendly and unique alternative to traditional decorating. When you rent plants for your event, all of the details are finalized beforehand, ensuring that on the day of your event, all you have to do is enjoy the beautiful ambiance they create. Not only are plants a better alternative to plastic decorations, but they are returned after the event, minimizing both waste and hassle!

Functional and Beautiful

Plants are often used to create focal points that both look beautiful and make excellent conversation starters. Outside of aesthetics, one of the main benefits of decorating with plants in any capacity is their air purification abilities. This means faster filtration of toxins, leading to fresher air inside.

How to Rent Plants for Your Upcoming Event

At Kim Parker Plants, our professionals are delighted to assist you with the perfect plants for your event! We recommend calling as far in advance as possible to provide the best experience. However, if a last-minute event comes up, we're happy to work with you to ensure you get beautiful plants for your event!

Our plants typically come in sleek black containers; however, if you have containers you would like to use, we will happily use them! All we need is the measurements (inside and outside) and photos of the containers to ensure the grow pot and plant can fit securely.

If you want our plants year-round, we have many different packages to choose from, ensuring that your office is beautiful and well-maintained. We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, and would love to assist you in your next plant project. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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