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Help! Why Are There Yellow Leaves On My New Plants? 3 Reasons Your Plants May Look Less Than Perfect

Decorating with plants for your office is a great way to have beautiful décor and bring joy!

Of course, when people think of plants, they typically envision vibrant colors, and green leaves.

When you invest in plants, it can be frustrating if they start wilting, drooping, or developing yellow leaves. When most people see that their plants aren't flourishing, they begin to blame themselves, and may even begin to feel that the plant is beyond saving. We here at Kim Parker Plants urge you to take a deep breath!

Yellowing leaves or less-than-perfect plants aren't necessarily a result of someone "messing up" or anyone's fault! In fact, most times, when a plant has just moved into its new home, it's just the plant's way of making itself at home. Below are three common reasons why your plants may look less than perfect.

They Need Light

Is your plant in a conference room with the light off most of the time or a similar situation? That could explain why it is looking (and feeling) less than perfect.

Every plant needs some degree of light. And while some need it 24/7, most just need it for a few good hours a day. A good way to ensure your plants are getting enough light is to keep lights on, wherever the plants are, during working hours!

Improper Watering

Plants need proper hydration, and each plant needs different levels of water. When people see a struggling plant, they often assume it is thirsty or needs more water. However, sometimes the plant is struggling because it is drowning- and adding water only exacerbates the issue.

Tip: gently touch the soil. If it is dry and crumbly, gently water the plant. If it is wet or water pooling, it is overwatered- make sure you give it time and that it has proper drainage.

They're Adjusting

At the end of the day, sometimes plants just need one major thing to begin looking perfect: time to get used to their surroundings! Plants go from living in a warm, damp greenhouse environment to your dry, air-conditioned office space. Like us, plants sometimes need time to adjust to changes in their environment!

Having a knowledgeable team to assist you in purchasing, designing, and taking care of your plants is paramount to having healthy, thriving plants.

At Kim Parker Plants, we have years of experience, which makes us perfectly suited to help with such issues! We've truly seen it all, and are happy to help with anything from fixing a water drainage issue to replacing a plant! Our technician will make sure to pull any yellow leaves from your new plants to keep them looking fresh. If the problem doesn't clear after a couple of visits, the plant may need to be replaced. But don't worry! Our purchase and rental programs guarantee that any plant that needs replacing, through no fault of the customer, will be replaced at no additional cost to you- so you can always rely on beautiful plants!

We offer many different programs, individual plants, and full-service designs. Whichever program you choose will always start with our award-winning service and design. Our team will assist you every step of the way, ensuring you have a beautiful display and happy, healthy plants!

At Kim Parker Plants, we love our plants, and we know you will too. We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, and would love to assist you in your next plant project. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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