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How To Show Your Staff That You Care

In case you missed it, Employee Appreciation Day was March 1st (if you did, don’t worry- it’s

Employees looking at their laptops, their office is decorated with several large plants

the first Friday in March every year). While this day is an excellent opportunity to show much-deserved recognition, showing your staff year-round how much you appreciate them is a great way to ensure the ongoing happiness and motivation of your employees. Below are some tips on how to show your staff you care year-round!

Keep an Open Line of Communication

Being open with your staff lets them know you’re here for them- not just with your words but your actions! Show them that their feedback, ideas, and opinions matter.

Tip: This includes following up with them. For example, if they mention they read a blog on office decorating, ask them if there’s anything they’d like to have implemented.

Give Praise and Recognition

This one seems obvious, but it is important to remember! Make it a point to recognize each employee- not just their department. Highlight their specific achievement, let them know the positive benefits, and thank them for a job well done. We often forget, but sometimes an earnest “Thank you!” can go a long way!

Create a Positive Work Environment

Jobs get stressful. And while we can’t guarantee that everyone will always be cheerful every day, doing your part to create a calming and positive work environment significantly helps. We aren’t talking about the “hang in there!” posters of days past, either. Here are some fresh ideas to bring a more positive atmosphere your office:

  • An “office wants” list. Whether it be lunch catering requests or new pens, this is a great way to be in tune with what your employees need.

  • A coffee maker and tea kettle, complete with mugs, creamers, sweeteners, and of course, tea and coffee (don’t forget decaf!).

  • An anonymous suggestion bin.

  • A snack area. Having a small cart full of a good mix of snacks is a great way to keep people motivated and energized. We suggest a mix of salty, sweet, and protein-packed!

  • Some beautiful office plants!

Plants have a profound positive impact on an office. They add beauty, purify the air, aid in stress relief, increase productivity, and add a natural feel to your office. Some plants, like green or living walls, can dampen sound, too! Even the bustling streets of Silicon Valley can seem serene with a moss wall!

At Kim Parker Plants, our professionals are delighted to assist you with the perfect plants for your office! For each new project, we’ll consider preferences, office type, industry, and budget, ensuring the result is breathtakingly beautiful. We have many different packages to choose from, and we will happily explain the benefits of each. We love our plants, and we know you will too.

We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, and would love to assist you in your next plant project. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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