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How To Use Plants To Decorate For The Holidays

We are readily approaching the holiday season, and while some offices don’t allow traditional decorations, paying homage to holidays with plants is a great way to get everyone

in good spirits!

While there certainly are holiday plants, using other plants to evoke holiday imagery via colors or displays is also a great way to ensure you have an office-appropriate display! Below are two ways to ring in the holiday season with plants!

Embellishing Displays

Whether it’s a few potted plants or a full display, you can always add embellishments to make them more holiday oriented! Our displays are naturally eye-catching and can be customized to your preference. While we may not be able to bring in a fall staple like a pumpkin- we certainly don’t object to you placing some near your display!

Some other embellishment ideas are adding lights or flameless candles!

Our team of experts are flexible, and can gladly incorporate any larger holiday items, such as a cornucopia, Menorah, Kinara, or Christmas tree!

With our different levels of packaging, Kim Parker Plants will be able to help you or field any questions!


At the end of the day, picking plants with colors that thematically match holiday color pallets is another great option.

For autumn holidays, we recommend colorful plants such as: bromeliads and anthurium!

Both of which are offered in our color program. Our color program offers a wide array of colorful plants.

Working with our team of professionals ensures you get a beautiful display perfect for any holiday. Our team can often work within a color scheme, as well!

Whether you want our color program or something like our: green wall, individual plants, or one of our full-service designs, each of them starts with our award-winning service and design. Our team will assist you every step of the way, ensuring that the end result is stunning.

At Kim Parker Plants, we love our plants, and we know you will too. We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, and would love to assist you in your next plant project. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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