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The Many Benefits of Plants

Business owners love having plants throughout their site as they add color and vibrancy to any space they inhabit and can bring nearly any room together.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, plants provide several other benefits that include air purification, privacy and more.

No matter the reasons you are interested in adding plants to your space, you’ll be receiving several benefits that make them well worth your investment.

They provide natural air purification

It may be surprising to note, but indoor plants have been proven to absorb harmful toxins in the air, improving air quality. If you work in a space with little air flow, the addition of a plant will improve the air you breathe and remove the need to buy more expensive air purification systems.

To get the most out of this natural air purifier, it is suggested to add two or three plants for every 100 square feet.

They offer the privacy you require

Another benefit of adding plants to your site is the privacy that they provide. Whether it be a shrub, floor plant, floor tree or anything in between, they can act as a barrier between you and your employees.

Green walls are the perfect option for business owners who want to have privacy but do not want to pay for an expensive fence, and they also work great indoors in offices as well.

They reduce stress

Another surprising benefit of plants is that they have been shown to reduce stress and improve mood. When plants are placed in a workspace, they help you feel secure which in turn relaxes the mind and makes you feel less stressed.

While it may be unclear just how much plants actually improve our stress levels, there is no denying that they can make us happier, less anxious and decrease the chances of suffering from stress-related depression.

When you’re interested in adding a plant or plants to your business, we ask that you call on our team at Kim Parker Plants.

We have been assisting those in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area with all their plant needs, including plant sales, plant rentals, plant maintenance, custom plant designs and more since 1980 and will be happy to get to work for you soon.

To learn more about all we do or to place an order, we invite you to give us a call today at (408) 262-8989.


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