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Assessing Your Plant Needs When Designing an Office

When you’re in the process of designing a new office, it’s important to add the right plants based on the needs of your business and employees.

Plants not only improve the overall look and feel of an office space, but they have been proven to reduce stress, boost morale and improve productivity.

No matter if you have a few employees who all work together in a common space or you have a bigger office with a large number of employees and clients, there are certain things you should consider to have a happy and productive office environment.

Will your office have a main lobby?

Should your office have a main lobby, the addition of a few plants, or even a plant wall can be a great idea.

If you’ll be running a larger office with constant visitors, having beautiful plants on display will not only be pleasant for clients to look at, but these plants can put clients in a better mood and show that you take pride in your business.

Should you be charged with running a faster paced office such as a sales, tech or marketing company, employees can often feel overwhelmed or burnt out.

One way to fight this burnout is by adding plants to your new office space.

Plants have been proven to reduce stress, create relaxation for employees in an office setting and can even help the attention span of employees by providing them with something to help clear their mind for a few moments throughout the day.

Will your employees be separated from one another?

If your new business space is going to feature separate offices for your employees, it may be beneficial to add plants to each room.

Office plants can act as a “friend” to employees who may work alone for most of the day and will give them something to care for and have accountability for.

When you are designing a new office space for your business and are interested in adding plants to it, we ask that you call on our team at Kim Parker Plants.

We have been assisting business owners throughout the Silicon Valley and Bay Area with all their plant needs for over 40 years and will be honored to get to work for you soon.

To learn more about the different plants you can add to your business, we invite you to reach out to us today at (408) 262-8989.


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