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Different Needs of Plants

While plants get their basic needs met in different ways based on their environment, there are certain things they each require to thrive and survive.

Whether it be proper sunlight and nutrients to grow, water to remain strong and healthy or more, it is essential to consistently meet the needs of your plants.

No matter if you have indoor or outdoor plants at your business, it is highly suggested to learn more about your plant’s needs and what it takes to keep them healthy, so they can remain a staple of your space for years to come.

They require proper light

The importance of light for plants is something we all learned about in grade school, yet it is still something many people fail to provide.

Light plays an important role in energy production which will allow your plants to grow and reach their full potential.

When you fail to give your plants enough light, either sunlight or artificial, it is nearly impossible for them to flower and achieve the look you desire.

They need the right amount of water

Water also plays an essential role in plants remaining strong and healthy. If your plants do not receive enough water they can begin to wilt or droop, which will send a bad message to those who visit your office.

It is suggested to play around with the amount of water you give your plants until you see the desired result. Once you find that “sweet spot” it is important to water your plants in a consistent manner, as too much water can cause your plant’s roots to rot.

The type of plant, season, sunlight, soil, and more can affect watering needs, so it may be a good idea to leave watering to the pros.

They need nutrients

Another thing that every plant needs is the proper amount of nutrients. The nutrients that plants need include nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and more which will all aid in growth.

These nutrients are absorbed through a plant’s roots when they are mixed with water in the soil. If your plants are struggling to get the nutrients they need and are not growing properly, fertilizers can also provide your plants with the nutrients they require.

When you’re interested in adding healthy and beautiful plants to your business, we ask that you call on us at Kim Parker Plants.

We proudly assist business owners throughout the Silicon Valley and Bay Area with all their plant needs, including plant sales, plant rentals, plant maintenance and more to have your property looking its very best. Give us a call today at (408) 262-8989 to learn more.


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