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Interiorscape Trends for 2022

When you’re interested in adding plants to the interior of your business to not only improve its appearance, but provide much needed privacy, adding a complete interiorscape may be your best option.

Interiorscapes such as custom moss walls, live walls, social distancing units and dividers are all great ways to have this accomplished and are each currently trending in 2022.

In this blog, we will discuss these trends in further detail to give you a better sense of which interior plantscaping option is best for you.

Custom Moss Walls

One of the biggest trends we are seeing for 2022 is the addition of moss walls to office lobbies, hallways and more.

These moss walls will provide your space with a unique feature that will show employees and potential clients alike just how much pride you take in the appearance of your business.

Custom moss walls come in a variety of designs that can be an entirely moss covering, a moss wall with live plant portraits added and even moss ceilings if you’re really looking to have a unique interior landscape.

Live Walls

Live walls are another great option when it comes to interiorscape trends for 2022 and are another unique and exciting way to add interior plants to your office.

These live walls or live green walls are literally a wall of plants that include everything from colorful bromeliads to Compactas, Warneckii, Lemon Limes, Pothos plants and more.

These can be used in office lobbies, hallways, to divide certain areas of an office space and more, all while providing your business with beautiful plants everyone will enjoy.

These arrangements can last for months without losing their beauty and can be switched out when necessary to keep your space looking great.

COVID Social Distancing Units & Dividers

When it comes to providing social distancing for your employees, consider adding green units and dividers that will act as a barrier between desks, cubicles and more.

While you may need your workers to be in an office setting during this time, you will certainly want to have them protected. One of the most affordable and convenient ways to do this is with these beautiful and functional pieces that are draped with a variety of different greenery.

Not only are these types of dividers sure to catch the eye, but will also provide essential air purification to your space.

When you’re interested in adding any of these interiorscape trends to your office space this year, we ask that you call on our team at Kim Parker Plants.

For over 40 years, we have proudly assisted business owners and office managers throughout the Silicon Valley and Bay Area with all their plant needs and will come up with an interiorscape that will turn the heads of employees and clients alike.

We invite you to call our team today at (408) 262-8989 to get started!


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