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Maintaining Your Moss Walls

If you have a moss wall, you know how low maintenance they can be.

A large and tall moss wall with a red couch in front of it

But, like every living thing, they still need some care to stay at their best.

At Kim Parker Plants, our moss walls are preserved- meaning no regular maintenance is required. However, there are a few key measures you can take to ensure your moss wall stays lush, vibrant, and beautiful!

Should You Water a Moss Wall?

With our preserved moss walls, the answer is: nope! Doing so can introduce the potential for mold growth – which is not a welcome addition to any space.

You may be thinking, "But what if my office is dry?" Don't worry; it's likely fine. Dryness only becomes an issue in extreme cases, such as putting your moss wall directly in front of a heating vent that is always on.

How Much Light Does a Moss Wall Need?

Light isn't needed for our preserved moss walls, so if your office is primarily a low-light environment, you're in luck. Too much light can cause your moss to dry out and lose its vibrant color, which is the last thing we want! Remember, moss is a woodland plant, accustomed to dappled light filtered through the tree canopy.

You can still have a moss wall if your office has abundant light; it's just a matter of finding the best spot for it. Our team will work with you to determine where your wall will be mounted.

Preserved Moss Walls for Silicon Valley Offices

Our preserved moss walls are truly one of the simplest ways to add a touch of nature to your space. Plus, as a bonus, we offer an annual touch-up for our moss wall projects to ensure everything looks great for years to come!

So, if you're thinking, "Hey, a moss wall sounds pretty great, I want one!" or "I could use some professional help with my current moss wall," look no further: Kim Parker Plants is here to help. We love nothing more than assisting you in creating your dream office space filled with any number of our lush, vibrant plants.

And if moss walls aren't your thing, we have a wide selection of plants to choose from. We also have professional maintenance options to go with them, so you can enjoy your refreshed and vibrant space and let our horticultural technicians handle the rest. We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area and would love to assist you in your next plant project. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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