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The Journey of a Plant from Growers to Your Office

Adding plants to your office can make the space more inviting and reduce stress among employees. They are a great way to brighten up a room while giving you a sense of peace throughout the workday.

The journey of a plant to your office is a long but rewarding one. There are a few steps a plant needs to take before it is ready to come to its final destination.


The plants that make it into your office building come to life in the hands of local growers, who usually are located in rural areas. These growers sell their plants to retail nurseries and landscapers, usually around their region.

Plant Nurseries

When the plants make their way into a nursery, the knowledgeable staff manage and take care of them. Each type of plant requires specific, individual care to ensure that it is strong and healthy to be sold to the vendor.

Plant Vendors

After the plants are grown and ready to be taken to a good home, they are sold to a plant vendor like Kim Parker Plants. Based on their clients’ specific needs, a plant vendor will decide what plants they choose from the nurseries.


These vendors offer a variety of office plant services for their clients. Once the client has decided what plants and services fit their needs best, the vendor will provide the client with the plants. A plant vendor like Kim Parker Plants can also come back on a scheduled basis to maintain each plant. This takes the stress and pressure off the client to keep all the plants alive and thriving.

Plants are delicate and finicky creatures. Every step on their journey is crucial to their survival. It is important to get your plants from a trusted vendor who cares about their wellbeing and lifespan. If you are interested in bringing some extra life and beauty into your office space, call (408) 262-8989 to contact a caring plant vendor who offers a variety of plant care and installation services.


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