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Top 3 Tips For First-Time Office Plant Owners

A pothos plant in a brown pot sitting on an office desk

Being a first-time plant owner can be daunting – especially for the office. Not only do you need to consider the placement and plant type, but there's also the pressure of keeping the plants looking their best for all who enter your office space. We get it; the last thing you want to do is damage your new plants, which is why it's important to learn how to care for them properly. Never fear, here are our three top tips to help any first-time plant owners get started!

1. Do Your Research on Plants

Half the battle of having thriving office plants is picking the right plant for your office space in the first place. Your first step should be researching what plants will work in your environment. For example, if your office doesn't get much lighting, we recommend selecting a plant that thrives in low light, such as Sansevieria. Make sure to consider light levels, office layout, and office temperature!

2. Don't Panic

It can be nerve-wracking when your new plants show concerning signs, such as yellowing leaves. While your instinct may be to pour a glass of water on it and stick it under a bright lamp, hang on! While yes, plants can let us know what they need with their appearance, sometimes all they need is time to adjust to their new, non-greenhouse environment. Maintain the plant according to regular care instructions and your plant should come around in no time!

3. It's Okay To Need Help!

If you’ve been put in charge of getting plants for the office and maintaining them, it’s likely not your primary role at work. If you find that your plants aren't adjusting well, no matter what you do, you're not alone. At Kim Parker Plants, our Horticultural Technicians are prepared to help with any issues you may face or answer any questions you may have. We have different packages for each new project, ensuring the result is breathtakingly beautiful and well-maintained. Many of our clients opt for our purchase with the maintenance option, which ensures your plants will be well taken care of and saves you from worrying about them! Our team can also assist you in picking the right plants for your space, including options like our green walls, which offer you all the beauty of living plants, with none of the upkeep.

At Kim Parker Plants, our professionals are delighted to assist you with the perfect plants for your office! We love our plants, and we know you will, too. We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area, and would love to assist you in your next plant project. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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