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When to Hire a Plant Maintenance Company for Your Office

Whether you own your own business that has an office space, or you are charged with running an office, you know the importance of having an aesthetically pleasing space for employees, potential clients and all others who may enter the premises.

One of the best ways to improve the appearance of your office space is with beautiful, healthy plants.

If you have plants in your office but are having difficulty maintaining them, it is important to hire a professional plant maintenance company.

A plant maintenance team will regularly water and care for your plants, keeping them healthy and looking their very best.

Below are a few signs that it may be time to call upon a professional team to have your plants properly maintained.

You simply don’t have the time to care for them

While many people believe that caring for a plant means watering it a few times a week, there is a lot more that goes into it.

For proper plant maintenance, your plants will not only need to be watered but will need to have proper soil moisture levels, fertilization, pruning and more.

If you are only able to do the bare minimum when it comes to plant maintenance, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Plants are drooping, wilting

Should you be watering your office plants on a regular basis, but they are still drooping and wilting a few hours after you’ve given them a drink, there may be several factors in play.

One of the biggest problems when watering plants is under or over watering. If you under water your plants they will become dry, the plants may droop, and the leaves will get crispy and fall off.

If you over water, the plant's roots won't be able to get the oxygen they need and the plant will drown, causing wilting. Each plant has specific watering needs, and it can be hard to know what that is if you don't have proper training.

A professional plant maintenance company will know exactly where to place plants for them to grow and will make any adjustments that are necessary when they come to your office for regular maintaining of the plants.

You regularly have clients coming to your office

If you have clients or potential clients coming in and out of your office on a regular basis, it will behoove you to have your plants professionally maintained. For just a small fee, you will gain peace of mind in knowing that your plants are looking great and that your office is being portrayed in a good light.

When you’re interested in having the plants in your office maintained by a professional company, we ask that you call on our team at Kim Parker Plants.

We proudly assist business owners and office managers throughout the Silicon Valley and Bay Area with all of their plant maintenance needs and will come up with a maintenance schedule that works best for you. We invite you to call our team today at (408) 262-8989 to get started!


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