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Why Plants Make Us Feel Good

Man smiling with plants

While the beauty that plants provide can make us feel good, there is data that suggests there are several other reasons why plants make us so happy.

Plants have been proven to aid in relaxation, allow us to block out the outside world, freshen up the air around us by removing harmful toxins and more.

With so many examples of their mood boosting properties, there is no reason to not add plants to your home, business or other space as an easy way of improving your wellbeing.

They allow us to relax

Plants are great at helping people relax, but what you may not know is that there is an actual scientific reason for this.

For the majority of our time on earth, humans have been deeply connected with nature, spending large amounts of time outdoors amongst plants and trees. Because of this, our brains have become hardwired to enjoy being around nature for as much time as possible.

This deep connection is known as biophilia and it has been proven that the more time you spend near plants, even indoors will reduce stress and improve your mood.

They help block out the outside world

With the craziness of our lives today, we often need to disconnect from the outside world and reset. There is no better way to do this than by being close to nature.

As noted above, plants not only make us feel good, but they can be a great way of reducing noise and interaction with the outside world which can further reduce the stress in our lives and improve happiness.

If you struggle to focus in a busy environment, adding plants to your work space will be a great way to reduce the noise and movement of coworkers and can have you feeling happy and being more productive throughout your work day.

They freshen up the air

Another reason that plants make us feel so good is that they improve the air around us.

Have you ever been around a plant for a few minutes and suddenly feel refreshed? This is because plants release oxygen into the air which we breathe in, and also remove toxins from the air to improve the air we are regularly taking in.

Research has shown that indoor plants can remove harmful toxins in the air by up to 87%.

Should you be interested in adding plants to your space to improve your health and mood, we ask that you reach out to us at Kim Parker Plants.

We’ve been assisting business owners in the Silicon Valley and Bay Area with all their plant needs for over 40 years and will be honored to provide you with the peaceful and relaxing space you require.

To learn more about all we do, or to place an order, we ask that you call us today at (408) 262-8989.


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