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How Having Office Plants Is a Great Way to Develop Your Green Thumb

A person in a blue, white, and green sweatshirt watering an office plant with a pitcher of water

If you have office plants, you know how much of a positive impact they have—they add beauty, purify the air, relieve stress, increase productivity…the list goes on and on! However, for those without a natural green thumb, the thought of caring for office plants can be stressful. But don’t worry—having plants in your office can be a great way to develop your green thumb! Below, we'll explore how office plants can help boost your plant confidence, and provide resources to help get you started!

You Can Start With The Perfect Plant

Picking the right plant is crucial when you’re trying to develop your green thumb. Rather than forcing the environment to behave perfectly to accommodate a plant, it's better (and way less stressful) to have plants that are a perfect fit for your office environment. When researching potential plants, consider the following:

·        The light level and intensity in your office 

·        The length of time the plant will be exposed to light

·        The temperature (and its consistency) in your office

·        The humidity level in your office

·        Handling of care regulation

At Kim Parker Plants, our horticultural technicians can guide you on what may work for your space and can suggest unique plants. They are also full of expert knowledge and helpful advice to ensure you are prepared to care for your plant. 

Office Plants Have a Consistent Environment

Environment has a huge impact on plants. While an office environment doesn't mean your plant won't face variability, it does mean that it will face less variability than other spaces! After choosing your plants with your office in mind, you can follow their care routine without having to factor in things such as rain, sunshine, or cloudy days. Another benefit of this consistency is that if you notice your plants are struggling, you can have an easier time identifying the cause—especially with the help of our horticultural technicians!

PS: Our blog is full of helpful tips, too!

You Can Always Get Assistance

For some, caring for plants is second nature. For others….well, plants can be tricky! If you realize that office plants aren't your strong suit, we can help. At Kim Parker Plants, we offer our services with maintenance, meaning you reap the benefits of beautiful plants, with none of the stress! We have many different packages to choose from, ensuring that the result is breathtakingly beautiful and well-maintained.

Office Plant Maintenance for the Silicon Valley 

At Kim Parker Plants, our professionals are delighted to help you choose (and care for!) the perfect plants for your office. We love our plants, and we know you will, too. We proudly serve the Silicon Valley and Bay Area and would love to help you with your next plant project. To get started, call us at (408) 262-8989!


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