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What is Biophilia?

Lobby plants

Biophilia is a word you hear often -it’s the new trend, and it’s here to stay.

The dictionary describes Biophilia as “the innate love for nature”. Referring to the way we are naturally drawn to nature.

An example of Biophilia is the calm, peaceful feeling you get when walking through a forest. Or, sitting on the beach, taking in the sounds and smells of the ocean and air and sun -it’s calm, it’s peaceful, it’s lowering your blood pressure and your stress, you begin to feel connected... this is Biophilia. This is the reason why offices and architects are beginning to fall inline with this trend -to work healthier.

Plants in the workplace help with:

  • Helping to lower anxiety and reduce stress

  • Absorbing sounds / creating sound barriers in the right settings

  • Providing clean “fresh” air by helping to remove toxins

  • Improve work productivity

  • Creates peaceful environments

  • Are great to look at!

The next time you pick up your laptop and go sit near the window -that's Biophilia. It's that 'urge' to connect or to be near nature.

Interested in reading more about Biophilia? Click here.

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